Saturday, April 16, 2011

HOORAH for the weekend.

"This may not be my day, weekend or month...but this will be my year."   ---> The power of optimistic thinking. It's strong and deep and passionate.

   Thought: CrossFit.   

I started CrossFit about a year and a half ago and fell in love. I could barely do anything when I first walked through the doors, but my mentality was: "I am kind of in pretty good shape' but quickly changed to: 'You were clearly kidding yourself Hols'. I went from learning how to lift, run, do pullups...gain strength and speed, I learned a lot about myself as well. I've made a family and a home out of the people I've met a long the way. They encourage me, inspire me and believe in me.

Unfortunately, I injured myself back in January, back squatting. I snapped something in my pelvis and glutes and the Idiot that I was kept on training. Then the pain spread and it started to affect my hamstrings and my back...

The icing on the cake: lots of physio(so painful!), stretching, yoga, and a month off from the thing I love the most...has been the hardest set back. I'm a girly girl who loves to go out dancing, chat with her friends and I grew up playing with barbies. I always thought skinny was beautiful and muscles we're manly. Then I found CrossFit and it changed my life. I am strong, confident and capable. I know that there are infinite possibilities that lay within me and within others. I like the push, the struggle, the fear, the blood, sweat and tears. Too much, too fast...I love CrossFit.

As of today: It's been almost a month since I've done a 'proper' CF workout, and almost 2 months since I've been training 'properly' ...and I'm heading into CrossFit Element in Oakville this afternoon for a workout. (uh oh!)

I'm going to be lifting weights and pray it doesn't hurt. It's all going to be lighter than usual, I've probably lost some strength and form...but I'm getting back out there. I will not let one little  injury hold me back. I will get stronger, faster and work harder. I'll start taking care of myself. That I do promise.

And a quote for a day like today: when I'm getting back at it! One extra light power clean & jerk at a time...!
(no squatting over 65 lbs...I promise)

"Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surender, that is strength."

I hope you keep pushing, keep striving for stronger, faster, more. I hope no matter how discouraged you might feel, you never give up. The hard times are there to make you stronger, without them we can't truly appreciate the good. Just because you fail once...doesn't mean you're going to fail at everything.

Your struggles develop yours strengths, so appreciate the hiccups and the bumps in the road - they're all worth it in the end.

Photos: Miranda Oldroyd  
Such an inspiring, rad female. This girl kicks ass and is so confident and amazing. I completely believe in her ability, strength and determination. Plus she's got a killer bod! Thank you Miranda for the constant inspiration.

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