Friday, March 30, 2012

Drop the stress, the worries, the tears and all of your fears.

Ok. The obsessions need to stop.

The worries, the fears, the over powering ideas and ever-so controlling ideas – drop it. Leave them behind. We come from a world that wants to define us on how we look, how we act, where we come from, what our parents look like – but guess what? That’s all bull crap. Straight up, bull crap. We let go of the idea that skinny is beautiful, and now want everyone to believe that strong is beautiful – but you know what is beautiful? Healthy. Healthy is beautiful. Someone who looks after their body, has clarity that eating a brownie won’t kill them, and exercising regularly is perfect.

Stop obsessing over working out. Stop thinking that a rest day or two or three will set your training back. That a cheat day will completely throw off your whole diet and the control you have over it. Let go of the belief that not going to the gym three days in a row will in fact make you put on 10 pounds, that everyone can see – including your boyfriend.

It’s false. It’s an idea. An over-powering worry. We have gone from obsessing over our weight, the size of our thighs, every little bit about us – to obsessing over how much we work out, how often we are lifting, how we absolutely cannot eat that brownie, because in fact…it will make the world fall apart.

So stop the obsessions, the worries, the fears. We need to take a stand to be healthy, to let living in fear be in the past and start living through clear eyes. That we are perfect, just as we are. That bodies are made differently, built differently and will forever weigh differently from each other – this is what makes us perfect.

Healthy – a healthy diet and a healthy body all start…with a healthy mind. So start to think about loving yourself. Not just saying it or wanting to love yourself…really going deep and thinking about all the different amazing things there are about you – because believe me, there are a thousand little amazing things about you, that make up a unique, wonderful you.

So throw everything you’ve been told out the window, even this if you want to – but just promise me you won’t be so hard on yourself, on your diet, on your training, and especially on your body. You work it hard and drive it into the ground, and it still wakes up the next morning waiting for another hit.

We are blessed to be who we are, where we are and have what we have – which is more than enough and more than we actually need. So throw it out – all your previous beliefs about how you should think, look, act, eat, train, sleep, believe. Everything. Just be you – and stop worrying about all the little things and all the ways you think you should be.
You are wonderful just as your are. So stop worrying, stressing, being fearful for it only brings you down.

What we need here…is something that brings us up. To help bring others up. Happiness and love is contagious. So spread it. But just make sure, it starts with you.
To love you, is hard. But it’s the first step that needs to be taken. Stop worrying about others, and start thinking about you. People have seemed to control just about everything in the past.

Right here, right now – starts with YOU.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Be thankful.

We'll start with a photo...

A simple message - that's it - that's all. It's really that easy, that simple. Be thankful. Realize you are here, right now, and how big of a blessing that is. Be thankful for the people in your life, the one's who have stuck by you, who have stayed by your side through your grumpy times and bad thankful. And let them know it. Let people know you appreciate them, that you care. We sometimes over look the people who care about us most...

Show people you love them, let them know how much you care. Be thankful to be here...right here, right now - in this moment.  You're alive - get after it! Whatever IT is that YOU want. Get it!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

It's gotta start with you.

It's been awhile, I've been busy and flustered with's keeping me on my toes. I thought I'd start this blog post off with someone else's words of wisdom.

"See, the only thing you can control is your attitude. You can explode or you can laugh. You can fall or you can rise. You can hurt or you can help. Pick what you're going to do and don't be surprised when your attitude picks your accomplishments." - CrossFit Lisbeth

Your life, your relationships, your work, your day, even this moment going to be whatever you make it be. It can be stressful, a big deal, a burden... Or you can laugh it off, take it as it is and learn from it.

I know what I want - I want to choose to be optimistic, I want to chose to be happy, to be confident. Becaus at the end of the day... My voice in my head is the only one I hear, so I need encouraging words and happy thoughs and loving feelings - and those sure as heck aren't going to come from an angry, frustrated, pessimistic person. And really? Who wants to surround themselves with downers, people who turn every situation into a tragedy and only see failing results.

Not me.

I want better, I want more - and I will get it cause I deserve it. Because who I am, how I handle the things, the people and the places that happen to me - I can control.

When the world throws you a curve ball? Are you going to hide away - or dive for it? Are you going to sulk in the corner or are you going to experience something different, choose better thoughts, treat others better. 

Sometimes, you need to be that ray of sunshine for someone else, you never know how much someone might need it. To spread the love, the warmth, a goes a long way and it tends to start a contagious action.
At the end of the day, when your whole life seems gray and dull and stressed - just remember to breathe. That when the world gets dark... That's when you can see the stars. Amongst all the hate, the anger, the stress in the world - there is hope for a better day, a better world. 

You can help make it that - but it has to start with you. Your actions, your words, your thoughts. Choose to be better.

How are you going to handle this moment - right now? With open arms I hope.