Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cause happiness.

You can't always control what happens to you in this life. 

You usually don't get to pick the people you meet, the burdens you might run into, and the situations that unfold. What you get to decide, is how you handle everything that happens to you. From the moment you wake up, to the moment you walk out the door - you decide. You choose whether to be powerful, passionate and optimistic. You are the one who can put a smile on your face, and start a chain reaction...with a good deed, one smile, one soul...can change your mood, change your day, change your life.

So decide to make today better. Decide to make you better. Decide to make better choices.

You decide. This life, is yours. You hold the power. You don't always have control over the things that happen to you, but what you can control is your reaction to them...how you handle the situation and the people and how you move forward in making the moment better.

You can make this moment better. You can make your life better. Make the decision to try. Go after your heart and what makes it flutter. Go after what you what...help make the world a better place by making better decisions and going after what you want. One happy person, spreading happiness to others...can cause happiness in this world.

Cause happiness. Cause love. Cause positive choices and decisions.

Be a cause in this world.

Change the way you see everything. 

Change your views, change your world, change your life.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

...a little reminder

Sometimes I feel guilty for succeeding, for accomplishing a goal, for feeling good about myself. I struggle sometimes with wanting to please everyone around me, and if things are going good for me, I have a habit of pushing that 'good' feeling to the side, to help please others, to make sure other people are happy...so I don't seem like I'm gloating, or showing off, or too happy.

I used to think being too happy was a bad thing.

I thought it was a bad thing to be competitive, to want to win, to want to succeed. But it's a new leaf, a new year. Sometimes, you need to look out for you and want YOU to be happy.

If you struggle with wanting to please others, but also wanting yourself to be happy...here's a little reminder:

You don't have to feel guilty for wanting to succeed. You don't have to want to always please others, always make sure everyone around you ok with what YOU are going through. This is your adventure, your path and vision....good things are coming for those around you, embrace what is happening for you right now. Embrace the good. Go after what you want...because it is ok for you to have everything YOU want.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise

It's the people who never gave up. They just kept on pushing. They fought through the fear of failure, of rejection, of not being good enough They knew that just because they failed once, doesn't mean they are going to fail every time. Each time they were kicked down, it didn't matter, all that was important was that they got back up.

Sometimes you need to fail, over and over and over again before you are able to succeed. Sometimes you need to go through the pain and heartache in order to learn how to enjoy and fully appreciate the good things.

Sometimes you have to go through hell before you see the light. But, Don't give up. Every time you fall, stand back up. Fight for your dreams. Believe what is in your heart to be true and get after it.

Don't be scared to fall down. Don't be scared to be rejected, or to fail...this gives you the opportunity to start over, to re-do some things, to realize where you went wrong, did wrong or where you can improve. Don't accept failure as the final outcome, it is only a distraction. But distractions are good. They help you realize how much you might want something, might need something. They show you how hard you are willing to fight and how far you are willing to go for what you want. They leave your heart on the line...to get after it. So don't stop now, keep going. Just keep going.

Fear not my friend. You are on your way.