Saturday, January 12, 2013

...a little reminder

Sometimes I feel guilty for succeeding, for accomplishing a goal, for feeling good about myself. I struggle sometimes with wanting to please everyone around me, and if things are going good for me, I have a habit of pushing that 'good' feeling to the side, to help please others, to make sure other people are I don't seem like I'm gloating, or showing off, or too happy.

I used to think being too happy was a bad thing.

I thought it was a bad thing to be competitive, to want to win, to want to succeed. But it's a new leaf, a new year. Sometimes, you need to look out for you and want YOU to be happy.

If you struggle with wanting to please others, but also wanting yourself to be's a little reminder:

You don't have to feel guilty for wanting to succeed. You don't have to want to always please others, always make sure everyone around you ok with what YOU are going through. This is your adventure, your path and vision....good things are coming for those around you, embrace what is happening for you right now. Embrace the good. Go after what you want...because it is ok for you to have everything YOU want.

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