Thursday, April 21, 2011

Change is the only thing that is constant.

I want to stay as close to the edge as I can without going over. Out on the edge you see all kinds of things you can't see from the center. - Kurt Vonnegut
Take a step back and look at yourself. Do you know your fears? Your desires? Your limits? If you don't, get to know them. Realize your weaknesses, your motivations, your goals and let them settle. I want you to realize that you can have more, that you can have it all. Life isn't about always staying comfortable, staying too close to the known. We need to try something different. 

I refuse to settle for ordinary and plain and comfortable. 

Take a step back and realize, what is missing? What are you capable of? What do you want? What can you achieve? There is so much in this world, and yet we hold back. I want you to break past your barriers and see things from a different view. There are so many possibilities awaiting you, you are the only one standing your ground. We need to try new things, try change, develop, grow, evolve with this ever changing world and learn to love a little deeper. "I want to stay as close to the edge as I can without going over..." I want to try something new, be different, be challenging, be eager, be strong, be passionate. I want to be better. I will amaze myself when I believe in myself and do things I know I am capable of doing, because I can be anything and do anything, if I put my heart and my head into it.

"YOU have to want it more than anybody else. Because YOU are what is left at the end of the day, all alone, with your decisions and your fears."-Lisbeth
I find too often we settle for what we have, we complain, we get sad, we get scared...but we are in control. You'll always be where you are, if you never decide to do something different or go somewhere else. Why should things change if you don't want them to? You'll always keep getting what you're getting if you keep doing what you're doing, and YOU need to want it most: change. 

Forget what other people think, forget about failure, think about change, wish for something bigger, for something better - FOR YOU. This is your life and you need to do things that make you happy, you haven't got forever, so do it right now. Decide to never settle for anything less than the best, for anything less than you deserve. Don't settle for anything less than happiness and excitement and love. The moments...they seem to just pass you by.

Make them count.

With life moving at such a rapid pace, we sometimes lose track of ourselves,  of our needs, of our goals, of others. Never forget to believe in yourself, dream big, set scary goals and think beyond what you believe is possible. If you keep achieving and striving for infinite greatness and happiness in your life, you will forever be growing and learning. 

Even if you shoot for the moon and you miss, at least you'll land among the stars. 


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