Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Your most powerful moment.

"Stop whining and complaining. Stop wishing and wanting and worrying about all the things you don't have. Your life won't get any better until you make the active decision to make it better. You have the power to surround yourself with people and things that make you feel fulfilled. If these things don't add to your life? Remove them. This is the best thing, you are in control of your own life. Who knew? And with the power of that, anything is possible."
You know those days you have - in the middle of the week, at the end of the month, they seem to hit you like a hurricane. Everything is going fine and dandy until, WHAM, it hits you, a bad day, a bad week, a bad hour, a bad month. They happen. 

Everyone you seem to encounter upsets you, the littlest of comments come across the wrong way, and you just want to cry. The sky looks grey, things aren't looking up, you just want to curl up and hide away. Everywhere you seem to look, there is devastation. We have bad days, so what? They happen. They suck, we live. We have days when we don't even want to get out of bed, because what's the point? We wonder what if? What could have been? Why, why, why?

This is completely normal. Every now and then,we feel a little sorry for ourselves. Our worlds seem to fall into shambles and we want to give up. Everything was going so great and now you seem to find yourself on the floor in your room, staring up at the ceiling, not knowing what to do next.

In this moment, this moment of absolute depression, surrender, conquer...when all seems lost and nothing will start to look up -  this is your moment. Your most powerful of moment. Here you get to choose, what will happen next. What will you do next. How are you going to react...
Is the answer going to be drama, drama, drama. Pain and tears, sweat and blood? Are you going to fight your way through the rest of your day, your week, your month, your life? Sure. Maybe you will, but is that really the easy way out? Maybe for some, but for other's, that would never be enough. So give up on easy, on mediocre, on not caring, because you do. The truth is, we seek change, we need it. We might hate it at times, but things will never get better or progress without change. 

In this moment of fear and sadness, this is your moment for change. The moment you are the most powerful because YOU get to decide how things are going to play out. So are you going to pick yourself up from off the ground, dust yourself off, acknowledge the bad and come to terms with the things and people that upset you, and move on. Bad things will happen. Will you gather your pieces back together and make your heart strong, and chose to push through your day, your week, your month, your year with force. The force of determination for change, for the good, to never give up. 

We accept fear, we accept sadness, and we accept falling to pieces and giving up every now and then. What you do next, that is up to you. You have the power, the force to make a change, make a difference, and I know that you will.

For falling to pieces, laying on the ground not knowing what to do next, these moments tend to be the most clear for us. With nowhere to go, no one to talk to, here we realize what we have to do, want to do, and will do. These moments of fear and helplessness are our moments of power. It's from this angle, of complete emptiness, with our soul in shambles, that we truely see, life from a different angle.
What would you do to change your life? What is holding you back? What is bringing you down, time and time again? Who is bringing your down, time and time again? What you don't need in your life, get rid of. What brings happiness and joy, always keep around. For good things will come and bad things will go. This is life. It's how we react to it, that really matters.

So will you pick the drama? The poor you and the helpless nature of what's next: absolutely nothing? Hell no. There is no giving up, there is only pushing forward, knowing your power, because you are powerful. 

It's about accepting that these helpless, sad moments, they happen. You will want to give up. The realization: you have the world in your hands, and in that moment of absolutely helplessness, when your life is in complete shambles, laying on your bedroom floor, know that this moment is yours, where you are the most powerful. 

Choose wisely.

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