Wednesday, October 19, 2011

If you can believe in anything in this life...

"Trust and believe in yourself. You are the highest authority on you. You know yourself best. You know what you need, want, and value. Don't let anyone else make the decisions for you. Healthy boundaries make it possible for you to respect your strengths, abilities and individuality."

I think if you can believe in anything in this life, you should believe in yourself. Life can get tough, people can, and I assure you, will let you down, things will fall completely off track and you'll end up wondering what in the world your fighting for? Life. That's what your fighting for, that's what is worth it, what is great and what is worth the risk, the pain, the hurt. If we've hit rock bottom, the only thing that will help you make your way back onto your feet, is yourself. 

You need to believe you will be ok, that things will, rest assured, get better. We learn from our experiences, realize from our heartache, and it is within our most struggling of times, that we are the most powerful.
We give power to our words, we give power to our thoughts. If you constantly are telling yourself you won't make it, you aren't good enough, that you aren't ever going to be great, well then you've failed right away. You are at the bottom of the food chain with no hope of moving up. But guess what? You and your negative thoughts are ridiculous. Congesting your head and your heart with thoughts that you aren't good enough and will never be enough, those are the only thoughts you'll hear, they are the only thoughts you'll believe. Don't you ever realize that, that the bad things are always easier to believe. We are constantly scared, the next thing, the next moment, experience, is going to be a bad one. That bad things do, and always will happen.

Wrong. Yes, bad things happen, but good things happen too. For the most part, the good comes with the bad, it's the way life works. We would never be happy or accept success, if we truly didn't understand how much it hurts to be heartbroken, or fail at anything. We learn from our experiences. We need the bad, we need the good. We make up our lives and our decisions, our thoughts, our beliefs.

If you could choose one thought, right now, to start your day off, make that thought a good one, a positive one. Fill your head with the belief that you are enough, that you are great, because you are. Don't just sit there thinking your life won't ever get any better, you need to make it better. Don't be a negative, pessimistic schlum, decide and commit to being better. Better than you were yesterday, better than your negative thoughts, and better than the bad baggage you carry around with you day after day.

Because you are better.
So if you choose to believe in anything this life, choose to believe in yourself. Go after life, make your life better. There are people who sit back and watch their lives fly by and wonder why nothing grows, moves forward, gets better. And then there are those people who aspire for more, who push, push, push and never take "no" or "you aren't good enough" or "things will never get better" as an excuse. 

So stop making excuses for your life, for why things aren't going your way. If life is continuously dealing you the wrong cards, it's about time you re-shuffle. Things are never going to change or get better, if you aren't willing to change them and fight for them. So change the way you think about yourself and your life. Change the negative thoughts into good ones, kick the baggage you carry around to the curb and start fresh, a clean slate.

Start the day off, believing in yourself and knowing everything you are capable of.

If things aren't going your way, change them. You have the power to put your dreams, your actions and yours beliefs into motion. So believe in yourself, believe in your life. Push yourself and get out there and never back down, never say no. Stop settling for something mediocre and accepting that bad will always happen. Change that. If things aren't working, promise me you'll change them. If you aren't happy, you have to make a move to better your life. Things won't start getting better, until you actively decide that they need to get better. That there is no other way to be but better, happier, knowing you are capable. 

This life is yours, believe in the power of YOU.

"People will always say you're going the wrong way, when it's simply just a way of your own."


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