Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Yes, you can.

"The most common way people give up their power, is by thinking they don't have any."

Never give up your power. Never second guess yourself. You know who you are best, and if you're still working on figuring out who you are, that's ok too. We're all a work in progress. So don't ever give up or give in just because someone says you can't, that you aren't good enough. Other people do not define you. Some people will put you down, stomp on you and make you cry, only to make themselves feel better. We are all wrestling with a demon in our lives, we all have struggles and strife. Life is hard. Some people choose to take life out on others.

Please don't.
For we are strong and caring and fulfilling people. Humans have a heart, we care for one another, we are nurturing. Instead of people bringing each other down, why not raise each other up? Do not tell me I can't, because I'm just going to show you I can. 

So help me, help you. 

This partnership we need to learn, this helpful way is essential for success. We can't make it on our own, we can get sure damn far, but the road is awfully lonely all by ourselves. So help others, let others help you. If someone is frustrated and discouraged by all the things they feel they can't do, show them the things they can. And never, ever believe someone who is putting you down. This is in direct happiness for them to feel better. This is their strength - put others down, so they can rise up. Poke fun, point, who cares? They don't define you. Who would want this as their strength and their means for happiness?

So please remember, you have ever possibility at your fingers tips, spread the strength, spread your power. You are possible, and yes, YOU CAN.

"They are going to tell you, you aren't good enough, smart enough. They are going to tell you you're not the right height, the right weight, the right look. They are going to tell you you're not the right size to play this sport, or strong enough to do this or that. They are going to tell you, you aren't smart enough to succeed or just that you're not good enough. They are going to tell you a million times no, and you are going to tell them YES. It's the strength of belief you have in yourself, because YOU CAN. Yes, always remember that."

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