Wednesday, September 28, 2011


As humans, we go through a wide variety of emotions. anger, happiness, fear, anticipation, grief, hopeful, helpless and the list can go on forever. The funny thing is, we can swing from one end of the spectrum to the next, shocking everyone who meets our path. So what? They are emotions, they are feelings. Let it happen, let yourself feel what you need to feel. Take it all in, and let it all go.
Everything worth saying has its own particular way, its own inevitable way, of being said. -Robert Frost

We need to experience things in order to fully understand them, and the same goes for forgiveness. Sometimes, forgiveness doesn't happen quickly, it takes time. In truth, life is harsh. It can be difficult and heartfelt and hard. We can be hurt, broken, left, let down and the list here goes on and on for all the bad things that can, and do happen. So what? They happen. Sometimes, we let ourselves be a push over. Bad things happen and we figure we might as well just forgive or forget, that's all we need to move forward. But it's not. We need to feel what we need to feel. We have to realize things and go on a roller coaster of emotions before we fully grasps the reality of what is going on and why.

When the power of love, overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.
- Jimi Hendrix

Forgiveness, it's definitely not as easy as it might seems, and sometimes, it's all we need. Whether it's a parent, a loved one, a best friend. They've let us down, hurt us and we are so mad and angry, we can't breathe. So go ahead, be mad, be angry, but don't forgive too quickly, don't bite the bullet. Feel what you need to feel, forgiveness comes naturally. Feel the pain, the anger, the fear and the tears...let it develop into understanding, experience and forgiveness. It will come, it will change.  If you want to move forward forgiveness will happen, and sometime's it's the only thing we need to feel whole again, what we need to move forward. Forgiveness is sometime's all we need.

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