Thursday, May 26, 2011

Holding on.

Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, “I will try again tomorrow". - Mary Anne Radmacher

Someone once explained to me the importance of holding on. Holding on to someone, something, a moment, a memory...just holding on. Sometimes, we are so scared of change, of something new, of giving up on something we've held on to for so long. Some will tell you to fight, to keep holding on, it will be worth it, things will work out in your benefit. People will tell you to stay present, to not stay hidden in the past or rush too far forward into your future. I think it's ok to hold on sometimes, but in other moments...maybe letting go is what is best. Things don't always work out, things don't always go according to plan. Letting go doesn't mean you're giving up, it doesn't mean failure, that you didn't succeed. It means you've decided not to settle. You will not give up on what you deserve, because you deserve best. To keep holding on to something, to never let go, would be to keep yourself holding on to something in the past. Be present, let go, let change happen. To indulge yourself in letting go, is not failure.

You have not failed yourself. You have simply let go of what has been holding you back, what you might have thought you deserved or wanted for a long time. Guess what - you deserve more and you deserve better.

Letting go, will bring you deeper into the possibilities of right now. Let your heart be free. What is it you want right now? What do you wish for? What will you go after? What are you capable of?

The answer: Everything.

The possibilities, the experiences, they are endless and forever changing. 
I think it's important to hold on to some memories, to let them teach you something, remind you of something, perhaps be able to bring you back to the person you want to be. But don't let an experience, someone or something hold you back from achieving something far greater than what you already have. This vision of your life, of what you want, of what you think you could be greater. You are powerful, you deserve greater. 

Think big.

The importance of holding on... sometimes all we want to do is let go. Give up, crumble into a million pieces. Sometimes life doesn't go as you had planned, actually, it rarely ever will. People are going to break your heart, leave you, let you down. You are going to experience things, people and places that are going to change you - every - single - day. 

Let it change you. 

It takes courage to accept change, to be different, to accept denial. It takes courage to let go, to fall into something new, something different. COURAGE. You are capable. Accepting that things must change, that you must let go, that maybe you have lost - this one - doesn't mean you are going to lose them all. Accepting that letting go is what you need, what is in your best interest, what is right FOR YOU - takes courage.
Sometimes hitting rock bottom is what we need. Something to readjust our way of seeing the world. It's when you have lost everything and you feel at your lowest, when you feel lost...that you are absolutely FREE to feel, to love, to live, to decide on something better, greater, MORE. To take a different road, something new, something fresh, something more. It's when you feel you have lost everything, that you are free to do anything. 

I'm going to be different, I'm going to be real and fresh and exciting. I chose to smile and to succeed, to experience failure and heartache and to send happiness, love and light into this world. I will be positive and help others. I will accept help when it is given. I need others. I'm taking the long way around...and I like it. This is me.

You are constant, breathing, beating, feeling. You deserve to feel. Letting go isn't failure, it isn't the end or necessarily in result of feeling helpless. Maybe you feel helpless, maybe things have destroyed your spirit, your heart, your confidence in the past. But letting can spring your forward. Forward into meeting new people, experiencing new things...and before you know it, your heart can breathe again. You feel like you again.

Life can be hard. Holding on sometimes feels like the only option you have. Holding on makes you a hero, it makes you stronger...right? Not always. Don't be afraid to let go. It isn't failure, it isn't the end. There is more.

So much more.

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