Saturday, May 14, 2011

Countless Someones.

"I want to leave a trace. Some mark upon this world. Proof — visceral or intangible — that what I did here mattered. That somewhere in this grand scheme of things, I did not waste my time on this earth, that everything that was given to me was used, that every talent that I had I employed, that every last shred of my effort and my heart came to bear somewhere in something or someone. Many someones. Countless someones." - CrossFit Lisbeth

CrossFit Lisbeth is one blog I love. Everything is so inspiring, meaningful, passionate. I find you can relate so much of your life to the posts. When I read this one...about having a meaningful hit me. Life...this thing were doing...everyday, this is it and it's a big deal. 

We have a lot more than most and we are extremely fortunate. Every day I deal with people who are going through crisis, loss and heartache...I am empathetic and I feel for them. I send love out into the world, with hope that some day it will reach them. The sadness and realization that life is short and precious, has given me a new outlook and complete appreciation for my life. Each morning I wake up thankful, I appreciate who I am and what I've been given. I want to be big, and bold and raw. I want to make a difference and be powerful. 

I will be. 

I am.

I don't want to get to the end of it all and know that what I was given was wasted and I let the days, moments and love, simply pass me by. I want to appreciate and give and spread, share and love and create. What can you do to make your life powerful? To create change and help others? Think big and think with can make a difference. Set goals and create change within your life.

I am first to admit, I have taken far too many things for granted and spent too much of my time complaining over the smallest of problems. I need to stop thinking of the problems, the worries...and see the big picture. To find within that big picture, everything. To appreciate all the little things that make it so great, so big and so powerful.

This life, this world is powerful. You are powerful.

Help create power within your life and within others. Your life is meaningful. You are here for a reason...don't let it pass you by. 

Be thankful, for everything and everyone. You have touched thousands of lives and help this world see love, every day.

"This is failure. It’s that moment when you realize that a choice you made, or something you did, has fully changed the course of your life. But what matters even more than this truth is what you do choose to do once you know it. The tendency may be to curl up in the fetal position and wait for things to improve. But if you can somehow manage to take a breath and look around you, you might just spot another path you hadn’t seen before. It may not be easy to walk, especially the beginning. But all that really matters is that it’s there."-Sarah Dessen

You want appreciation? Look out into the world. Enjoy the smell of rain and freshly cut grass. Smile at the world and it will smile back. The good will come...even though being patient can be painful...sit tight, it is on it's way. Realize this life is a blessing...and there are miracles around every corner. 

I hope you feel thankful.

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