Wednesday, May 25, 2011


"Everybody's afraid of something. That's how we know we care about things...when were scared to lose them." - Shawshank Redemption

Sometimes being scared, being afraid of something isn't always a bad thing. There is always something or someone that can completely terrify us. Someone or something that is so great and wonderful, that exactly what they are and all what they are capable of - scares us. 

Sometimes, we scare ourselves.
It's in the moment that we realize there is something in our life so great, that if we were to lose it, something in us would change forever.

Sometimes we meet people that change us forever.

Let it happen. Change is the only thing that is constant.

Don't be scared of change, of possibility. Never let the fear of losing something keep you from falling head first into something wonderful. It's the truth...sometimes being scared, will show you how badly you might want something. Sometimes, fear is good.

Don't ever think the fear of losing something should make that something not worth it. We hold our heads high, and worry what others might think of us. Don't fall in love, don't go for that job, don't do it...because you might fail.

So what? Fail. 

That's a learning experience right there. How can we be mad if we tried, if we put ourselves out there. How can we be dissapointed in ourselves if we gave it everything we had. If we gave something or someone our all, our heart, our soul.


We did nothing wrong. We actually did the right thing, what our heart wanted. It's one of the things we must realize, in everything we do,  we are never alone. Things that go wrong, aren't always our fault. 

When something goes wrong - it isn't always YOUR fault.

 There are billions of people in this world, and every day we go through our lives interacting with hundreds of them. People change things, people react differently. When things go wrong, it is not necessarily your fault. Do not blame yourself, or your heart. 

You tried. Be grateful. Don't give up.
It shows us we are still alive. It's the pain, that reminds us of how good we have it. It's losing someone or something that let's us know we actually cared in the first place. Being let down, let go, or hurt...helps keep who YOU are in line. It readjusts who the person is YOU want to be.

Never forget and never be afraid.

Life is exactly how you handle it. Your life will be exactly how you make it. Your feelings, your dreams, your friends, your life - they are exactly how you want them to be. You are in charge, so take charge of your destiny, of your future, of the things you want. WANT. Let yourself want things, without fear or failure of losing them. Some people focus on the thought of losing something that they don't ever let themselves think even having it in the first place is possible. Is that living your life? How is that fair to want you want. YOU.

What do you want? Out of life? out of love? out of your career? family? school?

Fall head first into life, let go of your heart and let something amazing happen. It will be amazing, because you my friend, are full of possibility. YOU are amazing.

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