Tuesday, June 28, 2011


"Do just once what others say you can't do and you will never pay attention to their limitations again." - James R. Cook
Never let others hold you back. Sometimes, as humans, we are afraid of failure. We are afraid of working hard and not succeeding, afraid of actually caring and putting ourselves out there and being left out in the cold. Sometimes, we are afraid of being human. We are terrified of emotions, of hearts, of caring...

Things happen. People happen...we can't control a lot of the things that happen around us, the only things we can control are ourselves and our reactions. This life is exactly what we make of it. So I decide to make something good, something passionate and something powerful. I'm not going to dwell on the past and the things I might have failed at, things I didn't achieve and the bad things that happened to me. I am going to focus on the future and all of it's potential. 

I realized one day that there are two types of people in this world. One set of people who support you, believe in you, who will always be there when you turn around. No matter what task, what challenge, they will keep yelling and cheering you on in the background.  The other type are the people who choose to be jealous. Those people who bring you down, they hold you back, make you feel bad, so they can feel better about themselves. What I've come to believe is you either support me, or you don't. I hope you support me, push me, believe in me, because I believe in you.
Jealousy is a natural emotion for us. It happens, we get jealous. We want, want, want and sometimes we never feel like we're enough. That's life. We are allowed to feel, that's the great thing. We just have to make sure we don't let it take over. We can feel that way for a moment or two, breathe and let it go. We can't hold on to that or it will reflect in everything we do and say. We must let go and support, express, feel good for others. Be proud of what they can achieve, what they are capable of. That positivity and persistence will shine back on yourself and you won't give up, you'll keep trying until soon enough, you start believing in yourself as much as you believe in others. 

Sometimes...a lot of the time actually, it needs to be about you. What do you want? What can you achieve? How much greatness do you possess? The answer: Too much.
"Sometimes things happen in our lives that tear us apart inside, but if we don’t learn to look past them and see the sun shining above the clouds, we will forever be standing in the rain."
The best feeling I'll get is when I achieve something you told me I was never capable of. When we are told we can't? What we must do is show the world we CAN. Sometimes, the person holding us back is ourselves. We say we can't, we aren't good enough, no way in hell. 

This voice will repeat over and over and everything thing you're putting into that head of yours is coming out to others - negativity. Not good enough. Nothing is ever going to be good enough.

Wrong. Make a decision to believe in yourself and stop listening to others. People are either going to support you or not. I hope you decide to support others, push them, believe in them. We all sometimes need to believe in someone else, and we sometimes need to be reminded that we have people who believe in us.

Sometimes...we have to be our own heros. We need to be able to pick ourselves back up after we've fallen. We need to get right back at it and not give up. If we keep moving forward, keep learning, there is no way in hell we are ever going to fail.

Do not hold yourself back.
"There’d be no good days, if there weren’t any bad ones. The sky wouldn’t be blue, if it were never black. And sometimes you need to fall halfway down the mountain to find a new trail that will take you straight to the top."

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