Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Always be ready.

Life is short, isn't it?

I'm 23 years old and I feel like I've been through so much, experienced so much, seen so much...and yet, I feel like I know nothing at all. That I blink and my whole world is going by way too fast, and I don't have enough time to experience everything, meet everyone, go all of the things I dream about doing.

Life is too damn short. That's the truth. Experiences are everything. Memories are going to make up a life time of happiness, sorrows, heartbreaks and dreams. Life is a roller's all these great and crazy and wonderful things. And it's happening so damn fast. That if we don't stop to appreciate where we are and what we have - it might soon be gone before we know it.

All those things you want to do? Go do them. It's a shame to wait until tomorrow to dream all of those amazing dreams, and achieve all of your goals. Dream big, be big and be bold.

Be excited about your life and go out and live it. Realize your life has meaning and it isn't going to start when you get things sorted out just as you think they should be. Life has started!  Don't wait for the bad things to go away...don't wait for the good things to come. Start living your amazing and powerful life, right now.
One of the best statements I've ever head - Always be ready to have the time of your life. Life is going to take you a ton of different places, you're going to meet a selection of different people and your going to experience the good, the bad, the's all part of life.

So hold on and jump in. Don't hold back! Appreciate your life and the people in it. Show grattitude to your parents, grandparents and siblings for putting up with you and loving you. And love them right back! Give your friends a hug, go after the job you've always wanted, go back to school...just stop over thinking everything and worrying about the consequences and go for it.

It's this one life, all you have - make it yours and be bold. Are you always ready to have the time of your life? Get after it!

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