Tuesday, December 4, 2012

...I live for

There’s a saying, “If you don’t live and fight for something, you’ll end up dyeing for nothing.” For me…it’s different. I don’t just live and fight and breathe for something, for one thing, I do it for everything in my life. I live with excitement for each new day and experience. I live with love and passion for my family: for my mother, father, sisters and I live for my dog, who steals all of my damn socks. I live with hope to take care of them one day. I live for my education, my fitness, my health, for the health of others. I live for my friends, that ones in my life, the ones from the past and the people I will meet in the present. I live and push and hope to help others, to give back to this world, to provide opportunity for those who don’t have it. I live for my favorite meal, my favorite getaway and the dream to travel the world. I live for myself, for freedom, for hope, for optimism. I live for hope of a better day and to leave this world in better shape then when I came.  You see…I don’t have to fight and decide and stress. I don’t have to play tug of war with all of the wonderful and difficult things in my life – they all fit, perfectly somehow. I don’t just live for one thing, I live for everyone and everything. There is too much beauty and love in this world to focus just on one thing.

Dream BIG.
Love BIG.
Live BIG.

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