Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Be at peace and move on.

"Be bold. Be brave. Be big.
 And, whenever you can, be kind."

So...I admit, it's been awhile. Sometimes it takes a little more 'umph' to get inspired and want to write. I'm not going to make it bad and I'm not going to make it good. I'm not going to stress over it or get sad that I haven't felt quite like myself and inspired each day... I'm just going to take a deep breath, and be ok with everything, as is. Everything is perfect, in this moment, right now.

Sometimes you need others to push you, help drive you and inspire you. The flame inside of you seems to want to take a time out, to be alone for awhile, to appreciate the dark. And after a short time or some long times, it can take just the smallest of moments, just one person, one action to ignite again.
It's been a beautiful summer and I haven't been more aware than I am right now of how fast time is going by. At this moment, it's September. Summer is over and school is beginning for most. It will be Christmas before we know it, and before that I'll be on vacation to Florida in March to visit my parents...and then in a blink of a second, it will be the CrossFit Regionals and all the hard work that's been put in over the last 7 - 9 months, is put to a test in the blink of an eye. 

Sometimes, we get caught up in one moment. A stressful moment, a tough time, when it's difficult to breathe and see or understand that anything will get better. We get broken down and beat up...and all we want to do is give up. Absolutely not. There is not giving up, only breathing and pushing back.

When life hits you with hard times, these strengthen you. We must remember this. You must experience the bad in order to appreciate the good. Appreciate the good - remember it, love it, embrace it. For we take advantage far too often of the good...and how great it can be. 
So before you blink and everything passes you by - enjoy the moments, the journey. Don't get too caught up in something that's holding you back - embrace it, be at peace with it and move on. For the journey is long and there are so many times, experiences, memories and moments that will add up, that one moment is so insignificant but important in your learning...you must be embrace it. Learn from it, be at peace with it...and move on. Be present and aware to your experiences right now. Live in the moment.

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